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Promotional Price: $3,375

         2019 Spring Promotion

Categories A, B, & Family Memberships

Include the following for the length of the promotion:

1/2 Food Minimums

No assessments

Free Locker

3 Free Guest Passes

10 Free Golf Cart Passes (Not for use in tournaments)

Payable in 3 Installments (4/1, 6/1 & 8/1)

Must have a credit card on file

No voting rights until full membership status has been reached

FAMILY       (Promotional Price: $5000) - 15 Months

-A Family Membership designates one adult family member as the Category A member and the other adult as the Category B member.

-Any children/dependents covered in a Family Membership are considered FRCC Junior Members.

-Members follow any applicable Category restrictions listed below.

CATEGORY: A     (Promotional Price: $3375) - 15 Months

-May play any time the course is available.

CATEGORY: B    (Promotional Price: $2975) - 15 Months

-MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY: May play any time the course is available.

-SATURDAY, SUNDAY, & any HOLIDAYS: May tee off starting at 11:30 a.m.

NOTEeffective December 1 through March 31, a "Category B" member may tee off starting at 10:30 a.m. on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, & HOLIDAYS.

 -GREAT DEALS on any available FRCC Membership Categories!

-BRAND NEW Membership Categories have been added!

-NO Assessments...NO initiation fees!


You can now join our outstanding private facility for a great price!



 *Available to New Members only

-$350 annual dues. 

-$35 greens fees/weekdays $45/Weekends, carts extra but not mandatory.

-Tee times: MONDAY-FRIDAY: May play after 10:00 a.m. any time the course is available.
   SATURDAY, SUNDAY, & HOLIDAYS: May tee off at 12:30 p.m.

-$65 per month food minimums.

JUNIOR & COLLEGE MEMBERSHIPS:  While they are not part of this special promotion...don't miss out on Fall River Country Club's inexpensive youth memberships.  Applications for Junior Memberships and College Memberships are now being accepted!

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UPDATE POSTED: March 6, 2019